Hello Peaches, I hope you are all kicking it well this festive December. Let’s get started on the foodie shenanigans with Nyama Mama Xpress; an African diner with an urban eclectic twist of the local dishes. I’d recommend everyone who has curious taste buds like myself to give it a try.

So this is how I found myself at Nyama Mama Xpress. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon when I had to attend for a casual meeting at Yaya Center Mall in Kilimani, Nairobi. I met the staunch Hon. Madam (identity withheld) for the meeting on 2nd floor near Standard Chartered Bank (you know I’m indirectly giving you directions, right?). We then decided to sit at the nearest restaurant that would catch our eye. Alas! Pizza hut was the first fast food restaurant we spotted just a few steps ahead. Luckily, it was packed so we moved to the empty table on the far end and that’s when I noticed the indoor Nyama Mama sign, of which I have always wanted to dine from. “Perfecto!” I sat readily for my brief meeting. First of all, I felt honored that she actually took her time out of her busy schedule to come meet me. Once the meeting was done, I thanked her for her precious time and stayed back with the intent of going ham on the menu. That’s when I discovered all these interesting modernized African hearty dishes.

The menus and take away bags are everything the Kenyan Government would be proud of following the plastic bags ban, as they are Eco-friendly solid hard paper. The ambiance is commendable. The prices of the meals on the menu are quite reasonable. Also, the menu is not boring at all, if anything it will strike up some more curiosity and you’d want to try everything in one sitting. Not that I was unaccustomed to the food, but the creativity is what tantalized me. For starters, I ordered fried plantains simply because I was craving for them. To me however, the spicy ugali fries stood out as they sounded scrumptious (Thanks to Hazel for suggesting it to me on my Instagram poll). I was so intrigued to order that just to tickle my exotic taste buds because it’s not the usual Ugali; a staple food in East Africa made of maize flour with boiling water stirred to stiffness. I’ve always had ugali served with cabbage, sukuma wiki, kachumbari (veggie salad) and fish or stew. This was a whole new meaning of Ugali.  Another one of the meals that got my attention other than the spicy Ugali fries was the Mama’s Matoke Burger. “Mhh.. that sounds odd,” I thought to myself. However, Matoke – cooked (peeled) green bananas – being one of my favorite African meals, I was ready to risk it all.

The drinks menu had some interesting smoothies and shakes too. I like minty drinks so I ordered mint & white chocolate shake which was different from my usual pineapple mint order which I’d consider it to be my signature drink.

The plantains came earlier served in a cute plate, needless to say, the portion is quite small. However, I was as hungry as a bear hence I snacked them like potato chips.

Then voila, the spicy Ugali fries plate was served accompanied with my mint white chocolate shake. The serving of the Ugali fries was top notch and creatively cool in a hash tag pattern. The garlic sauce they served with was so delicious as I dipped it and sent it straight to my mouth. Ummm.. The taste was like nothing I’ve tasted before. I could taste the ugali and chilli yes, but the mix was just weird, good weird I guess. It’s not something I would eat frequently though. Anyway, I ate like a bird that day in disbelief of how filling those few chips of ugali were. It’s either my appetite was low that day or the ugali fries were extremely filling that I did not have room to neither experiment the matoke burger nor any other meal on the main meal menu.

The mint and white chocolate shake was so delicious and simply orgasmic. You will not want to finish it because of the perfectly blended mint mix. Just let it drink you, nice and slow. I was so pleased and satisfied with the shake that I could eerily be a junkie from it; I rebuke the temptations of the diabetes devil!

While I was lingering waiting for my food to digest well, I noticed a food Magazine published by Eat Out. I perused through only to be fascinated by all these food articles and new untapped restaurants in Nairobi that I’d definitely be interested in exploring. Since I was alone, it was more of an eat-and-run situation. So I requested for my bill and a portion of my untouched food to be wrapped as take away.

Their bill folder is artfully folded with colorful African print ankara material which gives it that proper African vibe.

To wrap it up, I’d add that Nyama Mama Xpress is one of those restaurants you eat-and-run, well, according to me. As in, the food is delicious but it’s not somewhere I’d be fond of other than maybe fulfill my curiosity of tasting the different meals in their menu. Oh, and for that shake! I’d definitely go back for those drinks. On the bright side though, the meal was my money’s worth as it was very filling.

Since I couldn’t have anything from the main meal, mind telling me if the matoke burger is a good idea? Rather, anything else on the menu? Please let me know by commenting on the comment section down below.

For now, that’s all Peaches.



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