Halloween 2018. How It Went Down!

Halloween fun season is finally over Peaches! Not to mention, it was my first Halloween make up ever. To be honest, I just wanted to have fun with Halloween make up, nothing more. So I requested Makeup Artist Makeupbyshahistar for a Halloween blog collaboration and her sweet self consented to it. Have you checked her page out? Shahista is a professional Makeup Artist/Blogger     based in Mombasa blessed with exquisite make up skills. Her creativity is out of this world.

Our Halloween theme was a cool gangsta squad in the woods. Since it had been raining cats and dogs in Coast for one week prior to our meet up on Sunday – 28th Oct, we were praying for the sun to shine in our favor and thankfully it did! That Sunday morning, we met at Forest Trail in Mombasa for the Halloween makeup shoot.  It was our first time meeting out of the ‘Instagram world’ – She is such a sweetheart. However, I was so surprised to meet Aliya who is a mutual friend – one of her close friends and a high school friend to me. All along I had thought that she was in Dubai, where she debuted as a professional Makeup Artist/Vlogger and is going strong! Therefore it was a reunion for us.

Both Shahista and Aliya were Halloween ready when I met them as they had creatively done their cool scary clown makeup while waiting for me in the car since I was coming from Malindi that morning. Without wasting time, Shahista did my Halloween make up in the car for literally five minutes. Well, it was different for me but I loved the creativity!


We all wore checked cotton t-shirts and denim jeans. Aliya tied her hair in two buns, Shahista tied a bandana as a hair accessory and I wore a beret hat from StarsJoaillere to keep it a little G!

We had to buy tickets Kshs. 250 each to get access into the Forest Trail where we found cool spots for taking pictures. Aliya set up her camera and mounted it to her tripod stand for a successful  photography. It came in handy as the photography session was effortless. We were just freestyling our poses and adding some sass into the Halloween look. It was so much fun and the pictures came out amazing!

976D2926-89B6-4EAC-A601-2A1F7FFDD9F4B6C19121-0056-468A-AEA1-A9407C5ACA3FE9B3F756-5279-417C-9BA2-BE3BC49E3FAC7B809FA1-0F6C-4283-AED5-EC03D0617249935FDEEC-4570-45E9-80C9-40C2AB801A5CE1BA61DE-CEE7-4FB2-A929-6272FA62A51C154B1022-CC3A-47A4-B147-09DC5E79378A9DB6AE26-6854-42F7-AD98-E3C29FB73895F9F2825E-1EE3-4EDF-ACB3-846513F3D2E3Gangsta Squad!

How I had the energy to make it back to Malindi on that same day, it beats me too! Anywho, I was in Malindi on time for a Halloween party that my younger cousin Aunt Ella, had invited me at Ocean Beach Resort & Spa. I mean.. what’s the point of Halloween without a party anyways?

Actually, what motivated me to attend this specific Halloween party was because  it was for a good cause – to give back to the community – specifically dedicated to entertain orphans from God Our Father Childrens Home in Watamu. All kids looked so ecstatic and cheerful swimming, dancing, eating, playing games, enjoying Halloween face paint, and making merry.  Muziq Reborn a group of young talented music artists who are changing the game in Malindi, featuring other Kenyan Music Artists, all performed and mingled with the crowd of which involved a lot of youngsters – cool kids of Malindi – and the Kids from the Childrens  Home of course. I found that so touching, striking admiration towards Muziqreborn for dedicating their time, talent, and energy to perform and spend time with the lovely kids. Plus I have to say, 🆒 kids do know how to  have fun hey! All in all, it was a cheerful Halloween Party! 🎃






Live a little and have fun Peaches!

Live | Love| Laugh


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