Fashion Friday O’clock! How To Wear An Ankara Jacket.

Welcome back to my blog Peaches. It’s Fashion Friday o’clock! I’m in the mood of an Afro-centric fashion post.

Ankara fashion has gradually dominated the international fashion industry due to its colorful and unique prints that make any outfit pop! African prints have become trendy through creatively redefining Ankara materials into unique modern chic outfit designs depending on how creative you and your tailor can be. In this case, tailors are our heroes.

Presumably, we all own an Ankara piece somewhere in our closet. Whether it’s a dress, blazer, coat, accessory, shoe, you name it! Furthermore, it’s so satisfying to see the Ankara material revolutionize into urban chic designs like peplum tops, off shoulder tops, swimsuits, tuxedos, freakum dresses, handbags, to name a few! 

What made me wear my Ankara jacket you ask? Rotary UNDay in Nairobi after party theme was: ‘A splash of colour with a touch of Africa’. On the 10th of November, just recently, I had attended Rotary UNDay in Nairobi at the United Nations (Youth Innovation) but after the day event, I was too beat to go for the after-party! Since I had missed out on the Rotary-UNDay after-party, I decided to wear my Ankara outfit on Monday after recharging on Sunday resting my exhausted body from the previous night’s long travel and nursing my sore feet thanks to my heels that I had worn all day Saturday at the UN event, hence the reason why I could not make it for the after-party; my body demanded rest, my apologies! After all, you do not have to wait for any special occasion to slay, being alive is the occasion! Agreed?

77BC5B5B-1809-48A8-8888-F4A02FE26438Ankara jacket outfit: I decided to mix and match my black top, yummy red pants and black heels outfit with a touch of Ankara material bought from my girl  Zuri Ankara. My sleeveless Ankara jacket was tailored by my good tailor James in Nairobi. I personally gave him my customized design.

Front Design


Back Print

The Ankara’s black, yellow, blue and red prints combo makes you have a wide range of creative outfit ideas and colors to pair with. Preferably, stick to those colors. Plus we all know that you can never go wrong with black.

My black short-sleeved stretchy top is from Woolworths. I love Woolworths tops because of the high quality material that is durable and never fades, if at all hardly. Good thing with such plain stretchy tops is that you can pair them with so many outfits. Coats, jeans e.t.c. and can rewear as many times as you’d like.

My red pants from Mr. Price in Nairobi are pretty old but look new because I had never worn them since I bought them a year ago. They’re a perfect fit and cut! My heels from primark are my favorite design. They do hide unpedicured toe nails and give an outfit an edgy look. Them cat eye sunnies are LIFE! So sassy!

In a nutshell, I would say that my style is chic and simple with a touch of class; ‘Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.’ 


FYI I get really anxious in front of the camera.


Until I get comfortable with the spotlight and miss fierce comes out!

EBB5F622-02D4-436C-9836-DFCDD1357A89‘Life’s too short, make every hair flip fabulous!’ Flip that braids hair. Stay un-bothered. Mind your own bidness. Drink water!

And slay!


Top: Woolworths

Shoes: Primark

Pants: Mr. Price

Cateye Sunnies:  StarsJoaillere

Ankara Material: Zuri Ankara

Live a little Peaches. 

Live | Love | Laugh










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