What You Missed Out On Farhana Oberson’s Pop Up Shop!


Farhana Oberson’s pop up shop was hosted in Nyali, Mombasa at City Blue Creekside Hotel on Sunday, last weekend by Farhana Oberson. Launching her clothline, Farhana Oberson Clothing.


Farhana Oberson is an award winning Kenyan youtuber based in Mombasa, making awesome live travel and lifestyle videos (vlogs) of all the beautiful places she visits, events, cool adventure trips, food, and fashion. A close friend too! Her fans are her Rafikis and through that she has a strong supportive Rafiki squad. (You’ve got to be kidding me if you don’t already know).


Personally, I commend her modest, unique and trendy style. Based on her exquisite taste in clothes, her clothing collection is fabulous. Farhana Oberson Clothing niche is specifically young girls and women – modesty fashion. Sizes range from 38-46.  Moreso, she stocked a few of each pieces to avoid uniformity because everyone likes to feel unique in their own style. Furthermore, I believe that it is how you style your outfit that makes you stand out.

Farhana’s pop up shop needed a team to help her with setting the shop up. We came in really early at around 10:30 a.m. at the rooftop of City Blue Creekside Hotel to assist her in setting up the closets, shelves, clothes racks, carpets, hangers, hanging the clothes and setting up the changing room with separator boards and mirrors. It was bags on bags so of course she could use a hand. Plus, what are friends for? We were a team of 8 friends and her younger sister, joined in later to help with registration. Soumaya also helped majorly with attending to Farhana’s Rafikis at the paying counter. Rara In The Kitchen  came through with her mouth watering cupcakes as snacks for Rafikis and photography by Jammy.

Clothes showcased at Farhana Oberson’s pop up shop were a variety including casual, semi-casual, and fancy evening dresses. In detail, her clothing collection comprise floral printed dresses and skirts, pleated pants, jeans, kimonos, coats, tops and blazers.


And also cute funny packs of different colors.

A lot of people from Mombasa showed up at her pop up shop, majority being young girls and women. All of her Rafikis were ecstatic to see Farhana Oberson. They showed her love by taking selfies and mingling with her, complementing her clothes designs while shopping until they dropped, satisfied with their fabulous choices.

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know my pick. Her nude high waist ribbon pants collection was my favorite. They fit so perfectly hence I did not take them off once I tried them on.


Since she is promoting modesty fashion, all her clothes are long sleeved with full coverage. That’s perfect for Mombasa women because majority of the people living in the coast of Mombasa, where I come from, are Muslims and practice modesty fashion wearing mostly abayas and scarfs therefore her clothline is very convenient because sometimes you just want to wear a decent dress that will complement your scarf when you’re in a hurry or need to spice your outfit a little. However, with her online store, women from different cities and countries are welcomed to shop.

On her online Instagram clothline store – Farhanaobersonclothing – she models her own clothes which to be honest just look perfect on her like they were custom made for her.

Sweet of her to give each of us her team members shopping vouchers for giving her a helping hand. Farhana Oberson, you are a total sweetheart with a fierce attitude towards life and for this, you will prosper in life. I wish you all the success in the world. Super proud of you. You go girl!

Yours Loving Peaches,


Live | Love | Laugh

Photograph Credits: Jammy Eljabry a.k.a. Life In Mombasa

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